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ASVAB Word Knowledge ASVAB Practice Test

The ASVAB word knowledge test measures your ability to find the correct meaning of a word presented in context and to choose the best synonym for a given word. Our ASVAB word knowledge practice test database contains over 10,000 questions. If you take the test and still feel like you need more practice, feel free to take the test again. Our random question generator should display completely different questions. However, if you run across a question that you've already answered, simply click the refresh button on your computer's browser. A new question will be displayed.

There are three versions of the ASVAB test.  Whether you're taking the CAT-ASVAB, met-site ASVAB, or the student ASVAB, you definitely need to practice. Our ASVAB word knowledge practice test contains more questions than you'll ever need to study for the ASVAB.


ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test


If you're considering a career in the military, the ASVAB is the most important exam you'll ever take. Don't listen to a recruiter who says the test is "no big deal."  If your score is too low, you won't be allowed to join any branch of the military.  If your AFQT score is low, you'll be offered the most menial jobs in the armed forces! The AFQT score is derived from only four of the nine ASVAB subtests: Paragraph Comprehension, Word Knowledge, Mathematics Knowledge, and Arithmetic Reasoning. Even if you do poorly on the other 5 tests, you must score well on the 4 AFQT tests or you'll be changing jeep tires during your entire enlistment!
Most students looking for a free ASVAB practice test are taking the test in high school. That test is called the Student ASVAB. Yes, it's just another one of those standardized tests almost everyone is required to take.  What's wrong with doing well on a standardized test? The only people who badmouth standardized tests are the ones who fail miserably. Feel free to take our ASVAB practice test as many times as you'd like. Tell your friends about it so they can practice as well. Your school most likely will not pass out a free ASVAB practice test. They want you to take the best "blind" so you have no idea what to expect. Be smart! Use our ASVAB practice test and improve your scores!

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