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Free GED Practice Test - Science

The GED® Science Test measures your knowledge of life science, physical science, and Earth and space science. You’ll be tested with questions that are similar to science learned in grades 9 through 12. Sixty percent of the science questions measure your basic understanding, principles, concepts, and vocabulary associated with physical science, life science, and Earth and space science.

The science test is 80 minutes long and contains 50 multiple choice questions from the following areas:

  • Physical science (physics and chemistry, 35%)
  • Life science (45%)
  • Earth and space science (20%)

The test features questions that are based on science-related passages, graphs, tables, charts, and diagrams. More than half of your science test may include visuals, which means you’ll spend as much time studying a chart or graph as you will reading a question.

Click the link below to begin our free GED® Science practice test.

GED Science Practice Test

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