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GED Practice Test

Our free GED practice test is based on the actual test. Each individual subject test will display the same number of questions contained in the real GED test. The practice tests offer randomly-generated questions from our database of over 12,000 questions. Every time you take a test, the questions will be different. Once you complete the test, click the link to return to our website. If you'd like to practice more questions from the same subject, click the link below again.

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REMINDER: You CANNOT take the GED test online. While some schools offer a GED practice test or an equivalency test "similar" to the GED test, it is illegal for any school to offer or advertise an actual "online GED test." Only authorized GED test centers can offer the real test. Our free GED practice test will help you study for the actual test. If you're interested in taking the GED test, you'd better hurry. The traditional paper and pencil test is being replaced with a new computerized test. The new "test on computer" will replace the paper and pencil test on 01/01/14. Use our free GED practice test and improve your scores on the actual test! The GED test is administered by the GED Testing Service LLC under license from the American Council on Education (ACE). For the first time in 75 years, the GED test is being completely revamped. The new test will ensure that everyone receiving their GEDŽ certificate has the same general knowledge as high school graduates.  This is a HUGE change! Many high school dropouts complete their GED certificate and claim it was "easier than graduating from high school." Not any more! GED test takers will be expected to have the same knowledge as high school graduates. You need a really good GED practice test!

The current GED test covers the following academic areas: Language Arts - Reading, Language Arts - Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The Social Studies section of the GED test consists of 50 multiple choice questions covering the areas of history, geography, civics and government, and economics. The Science section of the GED test consists of 50 multiple choice questions covering physical science, life science, and earth/space science. The Language Arts Reading section of the GED test consists of 40 multiple choice questions covering fictional literature, poetry, drama, and prose. The Language Arts Writing section of the GED test consists of  50 multiple choice questions and one essay. The GED Math test is divided into two sections that cover number operations, number sense, measurement, geometry, data analysis, statistics, probability, algebra, functions, and patterns.

Effective 01/02/14, many states will no longer offer the GED test. They cite the cost of the new computerized test as being too expensive and even "prohibitive." The value of a GED certificate is now in question. Beginning in 2014, if a certain state doesn't offer the GED test, will colleges and employers in that state continue to accept out-of-state GED certificates? No one really knows for sure. It will obviously be up to each individual state, college, and employer to determine if it will accept an out-of-state GED certificate when the state itself doesn't offer one. 

We offer one of the best free GED practice tests available online. Try our free GED practice test - Math, GED practice test - Reading, GED practice test - Science, GED practice test - Social Studies, or GED practice test - Writing.  


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