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GED Test Free Online Math Practice Test

The math section of the GED® test consists of 4 different subject areas. Each area comprises 25% of the mathematics test.

  • Number Operations and Number Sense

  • Measurement and Geometry

  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

  • Algebra

The current GED® test allows 90 minutes to complete the math section. The math section will require you to solve a variety of mathematical problems including geometry, algebra, measurements, statistics and probability.

Our Free Online math practice tests provide questions based on the types found on both the GED® test and SAT® test. To ensure that you're properly prepared for either of these tests, be sure to try all of our Free Online math practice tests. You might think you only need help in algebra, but do you remember the formula to calculate the area of a trapezoid? If not then take our geometry test. How many millimeters are there in a centimeter? If you're not sure, take our Units of Measurement tests. You can never be too prepared for the GED® test or that all-important SAT® Test!

Good luck!



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