Free Math Calculators

Below are the free math calculators we currently have available. We have over 125 free math calculators with many more in the works! All of our free math calculators are mobile-friendly except the scientific calculator. It requires Adobe Flash Player, which most mobile phones and tablets don’t have.

Bookmark the calculators you use the most so you can pull them up when you need help with math homework or to double check your answers.

Absolute Value Calculator

Acreage Calculator

Adding Fractions Calculator

Adding Percentage Calculator

Area of a Circle Calculator

Area of an Equilateral Triangle Calculator

Area of a Parallelogram Calculator

Area of a Triangle Calculator

Arithmetic Mean Calculator

Average Calculator

Binary Calculator

Binary To Decimal Calculator

Binary To Hex Calculator

Calculator For Fractions

Circle Area Calculator

Circumference Calculator

Combination Calculator

Cone Volume Calculator

Cube Root Calculator

Cylinder Volume Calculator

Decimal To Binary Calculator

Decimal To Fraction Calculator

Decimal to Hex Calculator

Decimal To Octal Calculator

Degrees To Radians Calculator

Distance Formula Calculator

Dividing Fractions Calculator

Division Calculator

Equilateral Triangle Area Calculator

Exponent Calculator

Factorial Calculator

Fraction Calculator

Fraction To Decimal Calculator

Free Fraction Calculator

GCD Calculator

Geometric Mean Calculator

Greatest Common Denominator Calculator

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Hex Calculator

Hex To Decimal Calculator

Hypotenuse Calculator

Log Calculator

Midpoint Calculator

Multiplying Fractions Calculator

Natural Log Calculator

Online Fraction Calculator

Percentage Calculator

Percentage Change Calculator

Perimeter Calculator

Permutation Calculator

Prime Number Calculator

Pythagorean Theorem Calculator

Radians To Degrees Calculator

Random Number Calculator

Reducing Fractions Calculator

Scientific Calculator

Simplifying Fractions Calculator

Slope Calculator

Slope Intercept Form Calculator

Speed Distance Time Calculator

Sphere Calculator

Square Foot Calculator

Square Root Calculator

Standard Deviation Calculator

Surface Area of a Cube Calculator

Surface Area of a Cylinder Calculator

Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism Calculator

Surface Area of a Sphere Calculator

Tangent Calculator

Trapezoid Area Calculator

Triangle Area Calculator

Volume of a Cone Calculator

Volume of a Cube Calculator

Volume of a Pyramid Calculator

Volume of a Rectangular Prism Calculator

Volume of a Sphere Calculator

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